Mental Health

Ways To Improve Your Mental Health


Evidence suggests that we can take steps to improve our mental health we thought we would go through these with you today. Working through these tasks could benefit you and allow for more stable and enjoyable life style. Making simple steps doesn’t cost a fortune and takes lots of time it’s about making small changes why not start today. 

Stay Active 

Staying active isn’t just great for your physical health it’s also going to benefit you mentally. Changing your mood from a chemical reaction in your brain feeling stimulated. If you set goals and achieve them you’ll find this will add a successful mood to your daily life. Raise our self esteem do this by identifying your negative beliefs about your self then challenging them. 

  • Find activities and stay fit
  • join the local fitness club
  • Go on walks 
  • If your disabled find local active courses on this subject – Inspire courses

Connect With People 

Relationships between people will effect your mental well-being it’s important to to strive for quality in this instance. A good relationship will help you talk through issues and share positive aspects of your life, gain emotional support, provide a sense of self worth and belonging. Your family and friends will give you a inner circle that you can trust and respect both ways. 

  • Fix a date that suits you and your connect (family / friends)
  • Try turning off the computer / TV and talking about your daily experiences 
  • Volunteer at a local event, charity, hospital 

Live In The Present 

Living in the day can have a positive effect on your mental health. Your thoughts and the world around you should be at the fore-front of your mind. Waking up to smells sounds and tastes around us this can positively effect the way we see our selves and the world around us. 

There are many reasons why someone might have issues with there Mental Health poor sleep is just a contributor. 

 Better Bed Company are partnering with PAPYRUS Prevention of Young Suicide this month to help spread awareness of mental health. There’s more blogs on our site – Better Bed Company that could help you and your family if you or anyone is struggling. 

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