Mental Health And Your Sleep


Sleep and mental health are related in so many ways. When living with mental health issues your sleep can be impacted and a poor sleep can have a negative effect on your life style. 

Sleeping Problems You May Have 

Everyone needs a good night sleep but some suffer with bad experiences. We’ve come up with some scenarios were this could come into play. Difficulties may rise to the surface, there mentioned here. 

  • Insomnia is when you find it hard to sleep, wake up early in the morning and stay a sleep. 
  • Mental problems like panic attacks, depression, nightmares that seem to keep you a sleep or stop you falling. 
  • Different times when you sleep during the day time or evenings which then disturbs your night time. 

Ways Deprived Sleep May Impact Your Mental Health 

  • Have certain thoughts like suicide, anxiety or paranoia. 
  • Less concentration which could impact your day to day life 
  • Bad relationships which would have a negative effect on your life

How Can Mental Health Problems Affect My Sleep 

  • Flash backs from trauma can effect your sleep feeling unsafe or uncomfortable in bed
  • Depressed thoughts can increase time spent in bed this could mean sleeping during the day time and lay ins. 
  • Worries could keep you awake before sleep anxiety and panic attacks come under this plot.  

How To Gain Quality Sleep  

  • Buy a new mattress this has to be the best way to improve sleep
  • Exercise on a daily basis with long walks and staying active improving over time
  • Drink water this can have a positive effect on your mental health along with a balanced diet. 
There are many reasons why someone might have issues with there Mental Health poor sleep is just a contributor.
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