Mental Health

Exercise And Rest To Help Improve Mental Health


Adults should take part in some form of activity every day to insure well-being. Any form of physical activity is better than none from strength to moderate with working your muscles you can improve your fitness and mental health. Form lists and goal achieve them and focus on your success. We’ve come up with a list from moderate to vigorous exercise activities that could help you improve your mental health. 

Moderate Exercise  

With moderate exercises your going to be helping your heart, brain, weight and lots more. This will provide you with more independent and meaning life style. Activities can include dancing, hiking, walking, aerobics remember that you should be able to talk during these types of exercises that one key detail to tell if your at a moderate state of work out. 

Vigorous Work Out 

Increasing your efforts during moderate exercise can take you up to vigorous levels. This form of work out would increase your heart rate and you wouldn’t be able to say more than 2 words with out taking breath. For a vigorous work out definition your going to exceed  70 percent of your maximum heart. 75 minuets of vigorous work out can have the same affect as 150 minuets of moderate just something to think about. This style of activities include Jogging and running, riding bikes up hill, gymnastics and martial arts. 

Rest Times 

Rest is vital for our mental health and this includes sleeping. Your going to improve concentration, memory healthier immune system this will reflect in a better mood. If you don’t get enough sleep your going to feel groggy and your attention span will suffer this all leads to mental health problems. Even just resting lay down during the day for a nap will effect you and improve your life style.

There are many reasons why someone might have issues with there Mental Health poor sleep is just a contributor.

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