Better Sleep For Your Mental Health


Studies show that getting a better nights sleep will improve your mental health mentalhealth.org.uk. There’s reasons behind the saying ” I woke up on the wrong side of the Bed ” it’s down to the connection between sleep and emotional and mental health. There’s links that bi-polar, depression, anxiety along with other conditions are effected by how well we sleep. 

Studies show to date that mental health issues make it harder for us to sleep – mentalhealth.org.uk. At the same time a poor sleep likened to insomnia can contribute to a poor mental state. Both can combine due to there close relationship, there’s a strong reason to believe that improving our sleep can be beneficial to our mental health and contribute to treating many psychiatric disorders. 

Ways To Improve Mental Health And Sleep 

Mental health can disrupt quality sleep and lack of sleep can can effect mental health. This connection means treatments for both issues can go hand-in-hand. Everyone is different so each so improving both issues could be singular depending on the person at hand. Because of the impact on the daily life it’s important to take reliable care consulting with health professionals. 

Styles include 

Talk Therapy 

This would be a form of counsellor working to form negative thought in new ways. This style of treatment has a quality track record and developed for depression, bi-polar and anxiety sufferers. Help from a trained counsellor can meaningfully improve ones mental state. 

Improve Sleeping Habits  

Bedroom settings can help with better sleep hygiene reducing sleep disruptions. You can start by have a set procedure before bedtime and schedule your sleep in tandem. With relaxation techniques your going to work a more calm atmosphere in to your bedroom before sleep. Cut down on caffeine and avoid tobacco and alcohol. Getting regular exercise and eating healthy foods is another way to improve your sleeping.  

There are many reasons why someone might have issues with there Mental Health poor sleep is just a contributor.

Better Bed Company are spreading the awareness of Mental Health this month with PAPYRUS Prevention of Young Suicide. Were trying to help solve this issue and contribute content in the fight against it. 

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