Who’s Your Favourite Super Hero


With all comic book hero’s comes a story and we probably all favour one. With the new release of Venom late last year staring are very own Tom Hardy we thought we would highlight this subject after all we have a children’s bed built in the characters honor by Julian Bowen. 


Would you go for Batman the caped crusader and his very own nemesis the Joker. It’s a story of love and hate. The late Heath Ledger was probably my favourite character in the series. Gotham City is the setting for this DC Comics masterclass. 

What about Wonder Women the Gal Gadot portrayal of this character was first class. She was an inspiration to all women around the globe. I wonder what Bed she sleeps in after gruelling day of filming.

Then there is Iron Man probably the biggest super hero of the 00’s. He also featured in the Avengers which was one of the biggest selling films of all time. If your a billionaire you would have the finest furniture one could wish for. To go with his Malibu Mansion he would have to have a emperor bed i would have thought. At Better Bed Company we would like to acknowledge Stan Lee’s passing and show appreciation for the many characters he has given us over the years. 

Superman has to mentioned as it’s one the most famous DC Comics of all time. As he get’s changed in any phone booth available into a super hero it’s got to be one of the most iconic symbols of all generations.  Lois lane has to have a mention as well another inspirational women on our list. 

We hope all comic book super hero’s get a good night’s sleep and if there was ever a company that could deliver the furniture and Bed’s fit for them it’s got to be Better Bed Company.

Just so you know our favourite is the Joker ! 

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Flintshire Furniture Taylor Cabin Bed

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