Whats Trending Out There This Friday | #Friday


Better Bed Company have another trending Friday to bring to the nation and with all that’s going on the Beds and Mattress world we thought we would take a time out to deliver this Blog just for you the reader. We want you to chill out relax and enjoy the weekend with us ! 

Take a look at whats Trending out there today # 

mmmmmmm who’s HUNGRY 

World’s Largest Bowl Of Cereal

Mr Beast and his friends have some captain crunch in a massive hot tub not sure there going to eat it all though ? watch the video and find out ! Check his channel out today HERE see what else the gangs been up to 

Halsey – Nightmare

Coming to a club near you 😉 The video features some top models from around the globe check Cara Delevingne out in this one HOT 


New Phone Anyone ?

OnePlus 7 Pro Review: Silly Fast!

Anyone looking for a new phone needs to check this video out or Marques Brownlee Channel for all the new dope insights into new tech products on the market 

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