The Latest Trends On A Friday | 31st May 2019 Its Summer Time


Were here again with the latest trends that might come in handy for you guy’s this weekend. The reason behind Better Bed Company doing this blog series is we want to add as much value to our online bed shop as possible and we know giving you weekend ideas is a great way of doing this.¬†

This has got to be a summer edition as were going into June and the sun wants to come out ! we hope any way ūüėČ 2019 is gonna be the best summer ever and we want to be part of the experience. Have a look at the latest trending videos to kick your weekend off.

Ghost In The Haunted House 

24 hours in a haunted house. Mr Beast is here with another video and this one as scary as any out there. Trending No 1 with 7.5 million views already. Watch this one if you dare 


Hit the link and check his You Tube Channel out for more madness 


With the summer here again there’s going to be Cricket and lot’s of it. England are back and were hoping they do us proud !¬†

England vs South Africa | ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 – Match Highlights

Call Of Duty 

The new Modern Warfare trailer is upon us. Check the¬†graphics out on this game, it’s like real life. Better Bed Company are all about peace but this is only a game so we don’t mind.


He’s back for his last stand and we want to see it !¬†

Check this trailer out today.¬†Sylvester Stallone one of Hollywood’s greatest ever actors is an absolute legend in our eyes still making movies at 72. If there is someone to look up to for young kids then this guy is the one. Were all about a healthy life style for healthy sleep and¬†Sylvester is a role model for this.¬†

We hope you all have a good weekend form every one from Better Bed Company