Manchester Furniture Is Here This Weekend


The Manchester Furniture Show comes into Town on Sunday. The place – Manchester Central Convention Centre until Tuesday 16th July. With all the best brands around in the furniture industry including white meadow and heritage furniture. With so much on show from the best in the furniture industry you will want to get your self down there. 

Whats on Show ?

If your interested in Beds then your in for a treat with so much style on offer during the show your sure to find your next bedroom purchase. You get the options from some of the leading manufacturers in the trade in 2019. You will get to meet the people behind the brands and use there expertise in the field to make the choice. 

Manchester Furniture Show-Better Bed Company

Bedroom Furniture can be difficult to source, well the best that’s going to make the grade any way. Your brands will be lining up to show off the latest bed side chests with contemporary designs and if your looking for a new wardrobe rest assured you will be spoilt for choice. 

Is Living room furniture on your agenda ? the latest sofas fro around the UK will be present so you can sit back and relax on the newest must have ranges before making any decision.

Manchester Furniture Show-Better Bed Company

Even if your just a browser or need something to fill the time there’s plenty of room for every one with 5000 registered visitors you wont be alone. Better Bed Company will be there trying to get the best deals for our customers and building a rapport with the UK furniture manufacturers. 

You should check the last blog we did Manchester Furniture Show | July 14th – 16th Is Almost Here. We discussed some places you could stay and if you have the time there’s information on some great places to dine out for the evening