Get Inspired


Were do we get are inspiration from when choosing a new piece of furniture. This should excite when looking on our phones these day’s. The most important piece is the Bed as it’s usually the place we look first when entering the room. We have a lot of choice when it comes to the purchase. 

We should make sure that it fit’s in with the rest of the decor. Looking around the bedroom would be the first thing to do. What colours are the curtains ? what about the wall’s ? if your bedroom is full of grand pieces it would probably be worth looking for a grand bed. 

If your bedroom features a wood effect maybe a bed frame would be the road to go down. Have you got wooden floors maybe it would be a good idea to have a contrast of styles as you wouldn’t want every thing the same as that’s just boring. 

If fabrics your thing as it is with a lot of people maybe get some swatches and place them in the room for a few days and see which one’s you full in love with. There are so many different fabrics and colour’s out there that choices are endless. 

Probably a good way to be inspired is through family members. I am sure there opinion count’s in this. Maybe ask some friend’s advice over a glass of wine as they will have had to purchase furniture before and probably asked the same questions as you are now. 

After looking in magazine’s and scrolling through Instagram the best place to find inspiration is our own home. We have years of traditions that we might want to carry on. A Bed is something that we would want to make the right decision on as it’s were we start and end our day. 

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