Full Children’s Bedroom Furniture | Wardrobes And Desks


With ranges of Children’s Bedroom Furniture you want to add certain style’s and meaningful pieces to there bedroom. This could come in the form of Desk to help them to learn or a Wardrobe that Teaches them to keep there rooms in order. If you get this right your child will be on the right path and this could encourage a Better Social life as our homes are the first place to start when we look at making a better society

Children’s Wardrobes 

You want to look for colour first this will add something more than just a plain piece of furniture. The next step would be the material with most wardrobes you would find a great deal are made of wood. You have choices with oak, pine, two tone wardrobes being some of the more popular used today.

You could also look for certain storage features. How much storage does your child need ? With a draw and a 2 door wardrobe this could give you plenty of space for apparel and some toys or computer games to store away. 

Julian Bowen Alicia 2 Door Combination Wardrobe

Julian Bowen Alicia 2 Door Combination Wardrobe-Better Bed Company

The Alicia could be the wardrobe you have been looking for. With a lacquered white finish and oak detailing this could add a style your children could take into there Teenage years. This wardrobe has two draws so it’s a great space saving item of furniture. The oak feet give it a certain style and could be a neutral addition to the bedroom. 

Children’s Desks 

This could be one of the most important purchases you make when it comes to your child’s learning and tools they can improve this. You want to give them the best start in life and encourage learning and education. We want to give them space and the opportunities to develop in the best way possible. 

With desks you want to add space for them to study and learn so the dimensions should be something to think about. The height is important as well giving them comfort and place they can relax with no stress. You would want to add storage as this gives you a place to add accessories, educational and fun material. 

Julian Bowen Cameo Desk

Julian Bowen Cameo Desk-Better Bed Company

Better Bed Company partner up with Julian Bowen on this one. We know there a brand we can trust and only provide quality products. With a stone white lacquered finish this could work well with other furniture. The solid pine material makes for a solid desk to add to the bedroom. The cupboard and draw work well together with the handles being easy to open. You should consider this before making any decision. 

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