Best Sleep Destinations 2019


It’s that time of year were we are thinking about Holidays again. What will 2019 bring will it be sea and sand or slops and snow ? We must make sure that we have the right amount of sleep while away as this will enable us to have a better time. Make sure you check what beds they have in your Hotel or Airbnb these days. 

So are you going for a beach why not Barbados or Bermuda the triangle is a yacht resort with lot’s wine on the menu. They call them selves 60,000 Alcoholic’s clinging to a rock. Europe is great for sun you could find your self walking down Barcelona ramblas this is a place with all types of characters. Make sure you tip though as this is seen as a disrespect if you don’t. 

If your going for ski why not the sunshine village in Canada make sure you rap up warm and put another log on the fire. It’s important that we get some warmth while we sleep as this helps circulation of blood around the body. 

Make sure you take your pillow on the plane. If you can get some shut eye on a plane full of kid’s you can get some any were. Remember to try and keep your spine as straight as possible, i know this will be a hard task on a plane but just some advice. 

If your staying in the UK make sure you take your umbrella. There are plenty of great places and the bed’s and mattresses are good too. You could even take your own with the guest beds available these days you find space in your car’s and estates for this. If your like me your pillow is a must for a UK trip don’t forget to add this to your luggage. 

The most important thing is to have good time relax and recharge your batteries and this will help your sleep through 2019. And remember there is a quality bed waiting for you on your return. 

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