How Do You Get The Best Sleep | Tips And Tricks That Will Help


Best Ways To Get To Sleep

Falling a sleep for most people is an easy task. But if you find it difficult Better Bed Company have come up with a few ideas to help you drift off. The first thing you should think about is your routine. 

Routine Before Bed 

If you have a plan of action this is going to help in every situation including your sleep. Your regular hours of sleep should be consistent and should be mapped out in way that’s suitable for you. 

Remember we all different and what works for you may not for your partner. This something to think about. 

You should think about what time you need to be awake in the morning and work from there. Most adults need around 8 hrs of sleep a night.

You should wind down before you go to sleep. There are plenty of ways to do this 

– Listen to music for an hour this will help you drift off as long as the sounds are low. You could listen to a narration or even some classical music

– A bath before bed is sure to relax you and put you in the mood for sleep. The temperature should be warm maybe with some bubbles putting your body and mind at ease.

Yoga At Sunset-Better Bed Company

– You could do some gentle exercises and stretches like yoga helping you to relax. This will keep your heart rate low and at the right consistency for better sleep. 

– Reading a book can be another way of relaxing your brain ready for sleep.

Your Bedroom Environment

This can help if you make some small changes if needed. 

– Sound is important so if you live on a noisy road you could think about double glazing. 

– Your bedroom should be kept tidy as this could effect your stress levels just before sleep and that’s the worst time.

Street Light By Window-Better Bed Company

– Light is an important part of sleep. You want your bedroom to dark so if you have a road light just out side your home then maybe look at some thicker curtains.

– If you have a TV, Computer or iphone then about an hour before sleep you would want to turn them off and not use them. Before bed is the worst time to use any home electrical devices.

We couldn’t write this blog with out adding that your beds and mattresses can play a major role in your sleep. Getting the correct furniture for your sleep is way we are here. 

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