Healthy Eating For A Better Nights Sleep


The Mattresses and Beds which we lay on during the night may be a start to a healthy sleep but there a other things we can do too. A healthy balanced diet is critical to your 8 hours a night. You should always look to add fruit and vegetables to your diet you should add 5 portions a day say the NHS

Mix Of Fruits

Any diet that’s high in saturated fats and low in fiber could have an effect on your sleep during the night. You should try and stay away from sugar as well as this will add mid night wake up’s 

You should try and add almonds to your diet these are high in fiber and also it’s been said that they give you a better sleep quality. Almonds along with other nuts contain the sleep-regulating hormone melatonin

Turkey is another healthy type of food. It’s white meat so it’s low in fat and also high in protein. After your Christmas dinner your always tired this is because the Turkey contains amino acid tryptophan

Female With A Glass Of Milk

You should also think about what liquids your consuming. These along with food will effect your sleep no doubt about it. You should look at drinking Milk as this is a source of tryptophan and it can also be found in Turkey, Chicken and fish to name a few food types.

Health eating will also reduce risk of disease, Heart Attacks, cancer and strokes to name a few down falls to an unhealthy balanced diet. 

It’s all about a healthy life style giving you a healthy sleep. Better Bed Company try and promote this way of living every day. The more healthy you are in every aspect of your life that includes exercise, no smoking and your diet !