Whats Trending Out There Today To Improve Your Life Style


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It’s a new start Friday and your life is all about the weekend. It’s time to freshen things up with a play list, new movies and you can stay in bed tomorrow morning. 

The main way to improve you is :Life Style 

The latest movie has to be Aladdin it’s got Will smith who has taken over from the late Robin Williams. 

The latest track from 2 chains and Ariana Grande – Rule The World 

2 chains loves his gold and well Ariana is the stand alone female artist at the moment everything she touches these days well…

We can’t forget the Football as the Champions league was drawn today with –

Wembley Stadium-Better Bed Company 

Liverpool v Porto

Manchester Utd v barcelona

Manchester City v Spurs

Juventus v Ajax 


Brexit – MP’s have twice rejected Theresa May’s Brexit deal. They want a delay and they don’t want to leave the EU with a no deal. When will this end…..


We finish off with a Sub from the Simpsons 

Please welcome the Ribwich 


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Trending On Friday July 5th 2019 Summer Time