What Works For You ?


Every mattress is different the same as as human beings no one is the same. The aim for any purchase is to get the most suited for your self. 

My Partner matters 

When choosing the bed frame or mattress you have to come to some agreement. There should be a conversation were both parties are heard. Both of you have suggestions and ideas. We work best as team and should come to a conclusion together. After all you share the same bed and for 8 hours a day life is spent there. 

How to decide ?

We have different options available to us and deciding what is best for us is important. What can help us decide could be past knowledge. If you have been comfortable before on a certain product then maybe this is the time to use your experience.

Past knowledge image of books - Better Bed Company

Sometimes airbnb,  hotels or friends homes could give you an idea of what you might like. You could also use your existing bed or mattress to guide you. Does it have pocket springs ? does it have memory foam ? these are questions you should be asking your self. 

Who is it for ?

Is this purchase for you or is it your child ? if it’s the latter then we could ask for advice.

Child Smiling - Better Bed Company

If you are socialising then this could be a good conversation to have ask for some advise. They could well open doors for you and send you on the right path. 

Group of Friends - Better Bed Company

The choice is yours

Live by the sword die by the sword ! When making the final steps take your time this is not a race. Think about whats best for you and your family. This could make or break the deal. Once you have made up your mind stick to your guns and don’t look back. Enjoy your purchase that’s the whole point.