What Fillings Do You Like ?


How are we to decide with so many choices available today. There are so many fillings available in Mattresses that it’s difficult to pick the right one or few. When looking into what material’s you want to sleep on for the next 8 years. Everyone has different comforts and your partner is the same. Can we come to some agreement after all he or she has to sleep on it as well. 

So you want Memory Foam but your partner wants Latex both are very similar. The natural aspect of Latex would be a winner for sure but is memory foam more suited to you ? does price come into it as latex is more expensive than memory foam. There is another foam out there that plays it’s role which is Reflex Foam it’s definitely an option. The supportive aspect of reflex foam makes it a winner and is combined quite a lot in mattresses with other materials so it could play it’s role any way. 

What about wool, cotton or maybe cashmere fillings they have been firm favourites through Centuries. These fillings are ideal and they are built to last. These day’s people seem to be going back to them because they know they are a safe bet.

We just want to be comfortable when we sleep and to make sure this comfort last’s as long as possible. The guarantee on a mattress is a big indicator on how long it’s going to last. But just because a manufacturer has a 10 year guarantee on a product does not mean that time will pass without issues occurring. 

We should take care with our purchase by rotating and turning every so often as this will help with the life span. If you take care then it will show in it’s final years this choir will be rewarded. 

So have you made up your mind yet ? don’t worry just take your time it’s not a race. Remember you need a filling that you love that you will take care of and that will take care of you over the years.