We Look At Apps For Bedtime


We want the best sleep possible and sometimes we need a little help with this. In this Bed Blog we are looking at the best apps related to sleep. With technology playing it’s part once again we want to strive forward with it at the same pace. 

Insomnia Apps For Sleep

Sleep deprivation effects so many people these days that the apps in this market are of abundance. The main reason is that sounds can definitely help us with this issue. Meditation is part of this with apps focusing on this type of behavior. This is probably the first thing that spring to mind when you think of apps for sleep.

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There are companies that have designed apps that focus on your every day life style and give you advice with a step by step guide on how to tackle insomnia such as sleepio. Sleepio have come up with 3 main point’s that we think are very creative way of dealing with this problem. They want you to look at your life style, your thoughts and your schedule. If you make a plan then you have a better chance at reaching your goals. 

Azumio website app Sleep Time has come up with the idea of gently sending you off to sleep with sounds and then analysis is taken during this time. To finish the app off it wakes you with phases of alarm sounds to slowly bring you out of your sleep. 

We hope that these types of apps can help and hopefully cure anyone suffering from insomnia. 

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Apps You Might Like 

Apps are there to make life easier and apple have brought so many new products to the market. The iphone it’s self takes care of everything in one place. It’s the best product out there if we are being honest. 

Are you an addict of snoozing ? i am always hitting that button in the morning. There is an app that analysis the best possible time for you to wake up. So hit the pillow and place the phone besides you and your alarm will go off giving you best time possible its called pillow automatic sleep tracker 

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There is an app out there that makes the sound of a fan to sweep you off to dream land. They have thought of everything with different styles of fans at your finger tips this is a must for a go any way. It’s called sleep fan

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Mix Things Up For Better Sleep

JK Rowling has backed the pzizz app. This one gives you sounds when you need them most during your sleep cycle. It comes up with the perfect sound at the perfect time. You also have an option to hear focuscapes and narrations depends on what you want during the night. 

Sleepo have come up with the idea of mixing different sounds such as rain drops thunder and lightning and even rain on your window’s.

Rain Drops-Better Bed Company

The sound of water is a real sleep noise and i for one find i drop off so much easier during rain noise.

Better Bed Company Apps

At Better Bed Company we want to be the first in everything so we are thinking about the next big app for sleep. We are dealing with manufacturers and getting in sites into what we could come up with next to help everyone out there. Watch this space……  

 New Update 

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