Visco Therapy Small Double Mattress A Must Before You Buy


Visco Therapy Small Double Mattress

We discuss Visco Therapy and there small double mattress in today’s blog.

If your in the market for this size mattress then your in luck. There’s a company with a wealth of experience in the Mattress industry right here on Better Bed Company. There called Visco Therapy a family run business from Bristol that have been in the Industry since early 2000 giving them a wealth of knowledge and experience.

There small double mattress come in a selection of materials and spring systems giving the consumer choices. The collection starts with a reflex foam vacuum packed model a great edition to there portfolio and ends all the way to a 4000 memory foam mattress at the end of the spectrum.  Both have there part to play and you should consider both products giving values in different situations. 

Visco Therapy Mattress-Better Bed Company

Visco Therapy Small Double Reflex Foam Mattress

So many companies over look the need to give the consumers as much choice as possible this is something Visco Therapy strive on. They know that in 2019 there is need for mattresses in different situations. The reflex foam models could be used for spare bedrooms or the consumer might just want a supportive item that’s similar to memory foam but doesn’t mold. In this situation reflex foam holds it’s own. 

They also known it’s important to have combinations in the collection and the reflex foam and pocket spring doesn’t come much better than with visco therapy. With different spring counts and depths of reflex foam to choose from your spoilt for choice. These sort of options ooze experience knowing what consumer want from a brand these days is just common sense to Visco Therapy 

Visco Therapy Double Mattress-Better Bed Company

 Visco Therapy Small Double Memory Foam Mattress 


The memory foam market in today’s market is saturated with companies selling low standard memory foam. This is something Visco Therapy steered clear of only using high density memory foam in there products was a master stroke. This gives consumers confidence and paints a picture for the brand. Your only as good as your last mattress is something we say in the industry !  

Again giving the customer options of depths of memory foam and spring count is something you will find in this material range. The more springs and memory foam from the same manufacturer usually means the better the mattress. This is shown in the price. They start with a modest 1cm of memory foam accompanied with reflex foam and go way up to 10cm memory foam with 4000 pocket springs 

Better Bed Company have just started on Visco Therapy Brand Blogging but come back soon as we will be bringing you more on the UK Manufacturer very soon !