Swanglen Headboards With A Single Bed Make The Right UK Buy Online


Swanglen Headboards

Your reasons behind any purchase of a headboard could be different and understanding what could bring most benefit could be use full. Going into any buy online product the advantage come with price point being first and for most. You should also be thinking about quality at the same time and that’s just what Swanglen Headboards bring with them. We look at what this buy could do for a single bed in this blog. Talking through what you should be looking for first. Then styles you could choose from this manufacturer. Then we look at the advantages from a delivery point of view and why Swanglen Headboards are different from the rest. Your in the right place for blogs and advise given our experience in the sector being 3 decades. 

Swanglen Headboards With A Single Bed

Swanglen Cleopatra Headboard-Better Bed Company

With any bed you want to find the correct headboard and knowing what style your looking for could determine what you buy. Look around the room and take in what you see and imagine what would work with existing decor. 

If you enjoy reading in bed then you may find a padded headboard would work well. This would be more comfortable and with a pillow it’s game on. 

Does your Single Bed already have a fabric showing or do you have a throw ? You would want the fabrics to work well together if the bed base can be seen. If you have beige bed base then would a beige headboard work well together. You should look at the shades and try and get this right before any purchase. 

Swanglen  have so many fabrics to choose from take a look at the fabric page HERE 

What To Look For First Before You Buy 

Swanglen Nile Headboard-Better Bed Company

The first thing to think about before dealing with any company is their reputation. Do they have happy customers and are they trust worthy. Dealing with Swanglen it’s quite easy to tell they have a certain standard they stick to and understand there customers are the main priority. With Swanglen you get a quality pledge see HERE

They understand it’s ok talking a good game but you have to act the part too. With a selection of trade companies who partner with them this underlines the trust Better Bed Company have in them. Being an NBF member and being part of BFM to name just two reiterates exactly what makes a quality trust worthy brand in the Beds industry.   

Styles To Choose From In The Collection 

Swanglen Seville Headboard-better Bed Company

With a selection unrivalled they have every type of headboard you could imagine. With colours and designs in the elegant way along with modern features. If your looking for a button headboard then look no further. They also cater to the straight line lover this style is definitely 2019 with other popular bedroom items including beds are designed with this in mind. 

Curved Headboards are very popular with a range specifically designed with this in mind. They also work with patterns understanding that some times with a headboard it’s not always going to be a neutral thing.  

The Delivery Advantage From Swanglen

Being on the ball is something Swanglen are known for in the industry being one step ahead of the rest. With there next day range that’s exactly what they do. The other headboards are fast as well but they are made to order so you have to understand it takes time for the experienced craftsman to delivery excellence. 

They delivery straight from the Bristol warehouse direct to the customer this brings advantages in cost. Better Bed Company pass this on to the customer saving on man power and vehicles. This is also good for the environment this is something that should never be over looked. 

We also have a blog form early on this month Double Bed With A Swanglen Headboard if you have some spare time you should have a read.