Small Double Mattress | Part 7


Small Double Mattress Spring Systems The Pocket Spring Edition 

We thought we would give a full edition to this style of small double mattress because it deserves the recognition. The best system on the market in 2019 with so much attention to detail needed to get this right. The support your going to get with this style is rivalled by none. 

What can you expect from a small double pocket spring mattress ?

– first of all your getting a hand made item that’s been given great care and attention in the manufacturing process. 


– The design has been around for centuries with a host of brands taking on this style of mattress surely tells a story. So the history is there and we think that’s an important part of any product. 

– Your getting a spring system that’s going to give your body the support it needs during your rest and sleep. The support is one of the most important parts of any mattress construction. 

– Your partner and also you will benefit from your purchase of a small double mattress using this style of spring system. This is because the springs are nested into individual pockets of cloth. Individual is the key they move independently with one another. Unlike other spring systems on the market that are fastened together.

A Couple For Partners

– Health benefits your getting a spring system that will release blood flow around the body because it’s keeping you in a straight position. You want to be straight not bent or arched during your sleep. 

A Female With Body Shaped In A Bent Position

What to keep in mind before you purchase 

– The materials using in this style of mattress can have an effect on the over all performance. 

– The amount of pocket springs inside the mattress can distinguish the amount of support you will receive from the item. 

– The more spring count genuinely means the higher tension. So a 2000 pocket spring mattress by the same manufacturer in the same model will usually feel firmer. 

Who would be suited to this style of small double mattress ?

Better bed company would always promote this style of spring system to adults of any ages. This is because it’s the best with the most support. 

– The elderly any one aged over 75 would really benefit from a small double pocket spring mattress. This would be a healthy edition to any old aged pensioners home.

Teenagers could also benefit from this style of spring system because there going through the growth stage. There also at the right weight to take advantage of this style. 


– Children would probably not be ready for this style but that said there are certain manufacturers who have specific models dedicated to children

Toddlers are probably better off on a foam mattress and we wouldn’t recommend any other style as there just not ready. 

– Gender doesn’t really come into who this style of mattress is suitable for so don’t take this into account. 

We’ve discussed quite a bit in today’s blog giving you valuable information that you should take with you and consider before buying any small double mattress. 

You should have a read through small double mattress part 6 for information on the size.