Small Double Mattress | Part 6


Small Double Mattress

In this series of blogs we look at Small Double Mattress. We want to discuss everything associated with this size as it’s important for consumers to get the correct information in 2019. The last few blogs have been on the materials used so we thought we would look at something else. Better Bed Company have come up with a number of reasons why you could look at this purchase as appose to others. There’s plenty to talk about on this subject. 

Why A Small Double Mattress ?

Well the first thing you should look at is do you need one ?

Bed Side Table

If your home and bedroom would be suited to this size of mattress you could benefit in a number of ways. It could make more room for other items of furniture. You could add that Bed Side Table you been looking at online. Your space inside the bedroom is paramount to give you a more healthy life style mentally and physically. 

who will be using this mattress during it’s life span ?

Tall Male and Average Size Female

If your thinking about buying a Small Double Mattress you should always consider who will be using the purchase. If you have a tall family then you should look at the Length Of The Mattress as it comes 190cm in length. This might not be suitable for some one who is 6ft tall. 

We will be coming back to this in the near future. We have only touched on this subject to give you a taster in whats to come. The more Better Bed Company do this series the more we learn as well so the education is for both the reader and us too !

The next blog will be spring systems used in a Small Double Mattress. You could take a look at the last one here :

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