Sleepshaper Mattresses | Part 5


Sleepshaper Mattresses and what they could bring to your home and life is something we wanted to discuss in today’s blog. Better Bed Company want to add value with our blogs and advise people and give solutions you might not find any were else. With all types of mattresses out there today we want to deal with companies that have experience and sleepshaper mattress have been around for generations. With a family company like there’s you get values and past experiences you wouldn’t get from other manufacturers that have just started out. 

Sleepshaper Mattresses And The Qualities They Would Bring To Your Home. 

When looking for a new mattresses you have to ask your self questions like will this mattress bring me support ? will this mattress last long ? would i need a sprung or foam mattress ? and many more. 

With a sleepshaper mattress they only use high quality materials so you know they will give good support. With there memory foam being high density this is an indication they only provide quality Memory Foam products. With a high density your going to get a firmer support and with a heavy weighted material that’s going to be 6 pounds per cubic meter you know it will last longer. 

When buying for your home you want to add products that are high quality and will last the test of time. Sleepshaper mattresses provide this and give a 1 year guarantee with a 10 year warranty so they don’t just talk they act on this. 

If your looking for either a foam or spring mattress the brand will cater to both needs. They have a range of pocket spring mattresses with either memory foam or Latex added as a top layer for a comfortable and supportive feel. 

Sleepshaper Luxury Latex Pocket 1500 Mattress

Sleepshaper Luxury Latex Pocket 1500 Mattress-Better Bed Company Sleepshaper Luxury Latex Pocket 1500 Mattress-Better Bed Company

Healthy Benefits A Sleepshaper mattress could Bring To You And Your Family 

With the company using memory and latex these are both pressure relieving materials that give your body the support it needs giving you a healthy sleep. With latex being a Natural Material it comes chemical free so the health benefits are there. This is something you would want for your family and your self. If you have sensitive skin then a natural material would be the best option for you as synthetic materials still have chemicals inside when submitted as a final product. 

Your home deserves the best products and materials as this is were your family will blossom through the years. Your children should be educated about purchasing certain types of products to help with the environment. 

Sleepshaper Deluxe Latex Pocket 1500 Mattress

Sleepshaper Deluxe Latex Pocket 1500 Mattress-Better Bed Company Sleepshaper Deluxe Latex Pocket 1500 Mattress-Better Bed Company

Better Bed Company deal with companies like sleepshaper mattress to try and tackle environmental issues. We know sleepshaper try and recycle there foam off cuts into underlay for carpet. This is another way they try and help families on a whole. You should want companies you deal with to demonstrate this type of behavior in there day to day business. 


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