Should We Buy A Firm Mattress ?


This is a question i have been asked numerous times in the past. People with a bad back come to me and ask me for a firm mattress because of this issue. We are all different in the way our body works and i wanted to speak about this in my blog. 

A firm mattress might feel soft to one person as appose to another. This would depend on a persons weight. If you are heavy then your body weight would make some firm mattresses feel soft. 

I would always say in my experience that you would want a supportive mattress that will be comfortable. The more springs inside would mean more support. The fillings will also give a soft or firm feel to a certain extent. 

Small Double Mattress In A Firm Tension

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We could also look at the base that the mattress is sat on. If this is sprung then it would make the mattress softer. If it was solid the mattress would be firmer. The slats on a bed frame could make a difference too go for a sprung slatted base if you wanted to make the mattress softer or a solid slatted base for a firmer feel.

If you purchase a firm mattress there is no going back ? well there is a way that we could soften this up with a mattress topper. There are different materials out there form brands we use that could do the trick. 

Remember to make sure if you are going to buy a firm mattress to make the most of the showroom as this will make your decision easier. If it feels to firm in the shop then i wouldn’t advise going for that particular model. 

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