Mattress Support


It’s very important for our body that we get as much support as we can while sleeping. Depending on what type of mattress and bed we have will determine this. There are different options out there with different advantages. 

We would look at mattresses first this is probably the most important as this is the finish to the bed. we have a range of materials that can make up mattress ranging from fabric’s to springs.

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The spring system inside a mattress gives us that support that our spine and body need. I would say that pocket springs do the best job at this. Springs that are added to pockets then nested together giving an individual feel. Support is about relieving pressure points and keeping our spine straight. Filling’s placed inside a mattress definitely play there role in support Wool, silk, cotton and cashmere. Then there is latex, memory foam and reflex foam they all have good supportive attributes. It’s not always the case that if you have more then the better for instance if you have more spring’s the more support you will get but if the springs are of a bad standard no matter how many springs you have the support probably won’t get better or not for a long duration.

What about the base option. Well you can get a sprung base that will work with your mattress this would make it softer and this would indicate that it’s a less supportive option. Then there is the solid base option this would make your mattress firmer and it would support you better On a bed frame you could have ether solid slats that would give less support or sprung that would give more. 

Everyone is different so what is supportive for you might be less for your partner. Body Weight will play a part in the support aspect of a mattress.