Life Style Friday Whats Trending Today



Were has the week gone ? With all these beds and mattresses we still find time to update you on whats trending around the globe this week. If you have a spare few minutes have a read we have anything from movies to the latest gaming keeping you up to date on the influences that are sure to make your life style better. 

The New Movie This Week

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood Trailer 

Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio star in this Quentin Tarantino film about a film star and his stunt double. It’s Taratino’s ninth Film and it’s sure to be a classic. 


Netflix | Trailer 

Stranger Things 3


A terrifying cult netflix drama sure to get you glued to the screen. Starring Winona Ryder. Its the 3rd in the series about a young boy who vanishes involving secret experiments. Its on its way 4th July 



New Music Friday 

Why Don’t We & Macklemore

The new track by the talented Macklemore is sure to get you in the right mood for your Friday night. 

Make Up For Everyone 

James Charles 


This guy is massive he comes up with all the latest make up ideas if you didn’t know you do now check his channel out – James Charles 

Stadia is Coming 

Google  are getting into the gaming world with new tech so you don’t need a console any more. Look out X Box 

Thats it for the Friday round up enjoy your weekend see you next weekend for more health life style trends !

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