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What should we look for when buying a Guest Bed ? We have a obligation to our friends and family to get this purchase right. We look at the options available today. 

Leather Guest Beds

With any guest bed we should look at the material that will make up this item of furniture. If leather is a common theme in our household then we could add this to our spare bedroom. Its a fashionable upholstery that will add a certain style and statement. The colour would be down to personal preference. With most leather guest beds there are 3 choices white, brown and black. 

Leather Guest Bed-Better Bed Company


Fabric Guest Beds

A firm favourite with beds weather it be a guest bed, ottoman storage bed or bed frame this could make the grade. Would you go natural or against the grade. This could make a statement and allow us to use our personality. 


Wooden Guest Beds

This is a very popular choice and a leader in the market. With oak, pine or a lacquered finish these would all be suitable to make are guests happy. A shaker style head and foot end could add a distinctive look and be a center piece to any room. 

Pine Guest Bed-Better Bed Company

Under Bed Trundle 

This is the part of the bed that holds the lower mattress. This can come with castors that make life a whole lot easier when we come to need them most. Some have folding legs that open out to make the under bed lift up to make a larger full bed unattached. This could be a deal breaker 

 Guest Bed And Trundle On Show-Better Bed Company

Mattress options 

When looking at the mattresses we could go down a couple of roots we could take. An open coil is mattress is one. Its probably the most used on a guest bed. If we want to add some comfort and it would be used on a regular basis then a pocket spring mattress could be purchased. We could also mix this up and have one of each. 

The decision

This could be a social winner if we got the right one that are friends raved about. If family members keep coming back for more then you know you have done a good job with your purchase. Better Bed company have a range of guest beds for you to choose from and deal with the best brands so we have you covered with this. 

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The Jay Be Collection 

Jay Be Guest Bed Folded Jay Be Guest Bed

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