Fabric Beds And Getting The Right Side Rails To Cater To Your Needs


Fabric Beds can be a stylish item of furniture but you should also look at the construction as this is what your home needs. You want furniture that will last the test of time and fabric beds are no different. The fabrics you may choose might not be something you should consider but the materials used underneath the upholstery if well constructed can add extra benefits

The Ash Fabric Bed-Better Bed Company

What Makes For A Well Constructed Fabric Bed Side Rail.

The Luccay Fabric Bed

The material would be the first place to look. You would want something that is hard wearing. If the beds use Pine material underneath the fabric then this would be a good solid strong foundation for the rails. You would want to make sure that the knots in the grain were not in the middle as this could break in the center. If the piece of timber has knots then this place would be the weakest point. 

Oak is another strong material to use but it’s more expensive than most other woods so you probably won’t find bed manufacturers using this type of timber and then covering it. Oak wood is mainly used as a finish product because of the attractive look. 

Chipboard is probably the cheapest as its recycled timber made from off cuts of timber. This is a common material used when you would cover as its less attractive but cost effective. 

Side Rails To Fabric Beds Add The Attachments. 

The Swan Fabric Bed

The side rails used will need to be strong to with stand the weight of you and your partner. They will also need to take the metal strip that you would attach your slats to. This will strengthen the beds as well in most situations. These should be screwed to the wooden side rails. There should also be a metal connection for your foot and head boards to be connected together. 

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