Bow Or Solid Slats


We need a good solid foundation for our mattress that’s going to help through its life. There a few different options to choose from. Will you want a solid material that would make your mattress firmer or a softer one that will make for a more gentle feel. 

Wooden slats are the most commonly used on bed frames and ottoman storage bed’s. these come either solid or sprung. The solid slats will give for a hard surface your mattress wont benefit from this as much as them being sprung. The sprung slats will work with your mattress when you lie on it. 

We want to make sure our mattress can breath and that there is air flow beneath are Beds this can be achieved with a strutted base. Maybe remove any clutter beneath the frame to help with this once in a while. 

A single bed would come with one set of slats. It will be easy to attach these and you would want to make sure they stay in the right place. Some times they will come with screw holes for you to attach them to the Frame. On a double, king or super king size they will come in two most of the time. You will have a center rail to attach to and one on either side rail. Some times bed frames and ottoman storage beds come with plastic caps that you would want to place the slat in. 

Depending on what you are looking for out of a base weather it be a firm feel or soft they both have there parts to play. If you get this wrong and you feel you need to change then it’s quite a cheap option to replace in the future. 

The slats on a bed are very important and it’s a good idea to check out what they are before making a purchase as this is some time’s over looked or not known. 

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