Bed Base Options


When looking for a new base there are endless options available. We want one that we can rely on and that will add comfort and style to our bedrooms. 

With different draw options maybe an ottoman base would suit your needs. Would you want a sprung base or a solid top ? A fabric base is an option or would you like to cover the base ? 

With draws you could have 2 draws at the top of the bed this would add some storage space. You could also have a 4 draw or 2 + 2 this is 2 draws at the front and half a draw at the back so if you had bed side tables then you could open these with ease. You could also have a draw at the front. 

Bed Base

See the Better Bed Company Collection of stylish Bed Bases coming in array of fabrics and draw options. 

I would always check what base you are on at the moment for tension because if you went for a sprung base then this will soften the tension. Remember that a sprung base will add life to your mattress as it will work in conjunction with the mattress.

If you went for a storage ottoman bed as base you would have a lot of space for household items. With those on the market today and the brands we use it’s very easy to open with gas cylinders at each side. 

The choices for a fabric bed are endless with so many colours and materials to choose from. You could also look at leather these are very popular and they are easy to clean. 

At Better Bed Company we offer a wide range of bases with different fabrics and styles available. We deal with Hestia, Julian Bowen and Airsprung Beds to name a few. These are companies you can trust. 

Remember you can choose one that fits with your bedroom furniture or go for one that has a contrast style both could work.