Bad Back Mattress Options


The most important decision to make when suffering with back issues is what Mattress you should purchase. There are few things you should consider and some choice’s to ponder. You will want the right size Mattress for a start for your height. The right support is crucial and this is different for everyone. The fillings that go in to the Mattress have different attributes. The surface space on the Mattress will have to be taken into account.

What Mattress Size do you Need?

The size of the mattress is down to your height you will want to make sure you are comfortable and there is room to stretch. The support comes down to the spring used. There are different styles of spring units open coil a system were the springs are connected together and Pocket Springs were the Springs are individual. The spring system is important as this will keep your spine straight. Different types of fillings as well like Memory Foam, Latex, Wool and Cashmere to name a few will help with your support for your back. The sides of a mattress maybe stitched to enable you to use the full width of the Mattress.

Using high quality Mattresses such as Airsprung Beds, Bedmaster Beds and Sleepshaper will help you in your quest to relieve your back issues. These Mattress companies sell different styles Memory Foam Mattresses and Latex Mattresses to name a few. They also have a range of sizes single, double, king size and super king size are the most common.

Your life will be improved if you make the right choice and will enable you to participate in different activities during the day. The art to a good mattress is finding the right one for you so take your time try them out for at least 30 minutes each get comfortable in the showroom. Some companies like Fuum Mattress give you a trail so maybe take advantage of this when you come to buying a new Mattress.

Orthopedic Mattress-Better Bed Company

Better Bed Company have a selection of Orthopedic Mattresses you could consider before you purchase