Activities That Help Us To Sleep Better


It’s not just your Bed and Mattress that help you get a good nights sleep. We all want the best sleep possible and we are here to help ! 

Active Life Style

Are lifestyle has changed dramatically in recent times. We are on the move so much these day. The gym and healthy living play apart in most peoples lives and that’s how it should be. If we exercise during the day are sleep is affected. Going the gym releases hormones like adrenaline and this is best done during the day as these will make it harder for us to sleep. You should do relaxing activities before bedtime. When sleeping your body releases hormones that boost our immune system and make us hungry. So breakfast in bed is a way of refueling are bodies. Your work life can play a major role on your sleep. If you are stressed this can have a negative effect. 

Healthy diet

A healthy balanced diet will help us to sleep better. We should look for foods such as fish, fruits and vegetables.

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We should stay away from caffeine as this can have a major effect on how deep are sleep will be. And don’t think because you had it early in the afternoon you have got away with it. A study has shown that consuming caffeine 6 hours before you go to bed can reduce your total sleep time by 1 hour. Your age can play a factor in this as well. if we are to consume caffeine then it is best to do so early on in the day maybe in your morning with coffee or tea. 

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We Hope This Helps

Better Bed Company are here to help anyone get a better nights sleep. We don’t just sell Beds and Mattresses we care as well.

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The Sleep Foundation is a great website that you may want to take a look at and the sleep council as well they have articles that can help if you are struggling to sleep 

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