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Check out our new Flintshire Bed Releases!

Are you searching for a new bed this autumn? Check out our new Flintshire bed releases at Better Bed Company. Better Bed Company has a range of Flintshire beds for you to choose from to secure your dream bed this autumn. This latest blog will explain everything you need to know about our latest Flintshire…

Single Beds

The Benefits of Owning a Single Bed

Here at Better Bed Company, we believe in providing the best beds at affordable prices, and that’s no different for our single bed options! Ideal for smaller bedrooms, children’s rooms, or guestrooms where you don’t have the luxury of extra space, single beds have numerous benefits In this latest blog, we’ll discuss the many benefits…

Bed Frames

Why Choose Better Bed Company for Bed Frames

Are you searching for new bed frames and are unsure of the options? Better Bed Company are here to help! Here at Better Beds Company, we know that not all beds have the same purpose and that some need to be stronger than others. This latest blog will explain everything you need to know about…


Single Bed Frames Creating The Best Bedroom

We would all love a stylish bedroom. Something that’s practical and colour coordinated and effortless to maintain. What sometimes ruins it is over crowded and not preparing correctly for the theme that best suits the size of the bedroom. No one want’s a cluttered setting in the room offering storage drawers and modern headboards can…

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