Types Of Upholstery For Beds


When choosing your upholstery that covers your bed there are options available. We should look around our homes for inspiration and ask for opinion’s off people who matter. 

Different Upholstery available 

so whats out there ? With a range of upholstered beds available today the choices are endless. We could look at leather or fabric they are the two main covers. If the bedroom furniture would allow for a leather look or you just like that look then it’s easy for maintenance. If a fabric bed was more appealing then this could add certain style to the bedroom.  

Man In A Leather Jacket If Its Your Style - Better Bed Company


So we have come to the colours of the beds. The most common is probably grey fabric beds. Then if you were looking at leather then a brown or black could be the best option. There is also a wow factor involved when it comes to beds we could go against the grain with a green or white. 

Is the Bed For Your Children ?

If the upholstered bed is for a child then this could add a different dimension to there bedroom. They could have a pick for girl maybe a yellow or for a boy a blue. With fabric upholstered beds they are usually padded so this makes sense from a safety point of view. They could sit up and read a book so this would encourage learning so that’s always a bonus 

Swanglen Blue Fabric Bed - Better Bed Company

We have you covered 

Fabric Bed-Better Bed Company

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Better Bed company have a range of different styled upholstered beds to suit every one’s needs and personality. With so many sizes available today weather it be for small bedroom or grand. We deal with the best brands and also we are coming out with are own range of beds very soon so watch this space it’s going to ground breaking colossal. We know what are customers want and if we both work together we can move forward and take it to the next level together that’s what we want as a company !