Swanglen Headboards Colours For You And Your Home


When looking for a new Headboard there are companies you would want to deal with in the UK. Swanglen Furnishings are one of these with a wealth of experience in the sector. There selection of Headboards are unrivalled in the industry and with a huge colour fabric batch there one you should consider. When looking to add colours to your home you want to inspire and create a certain mood. Swanglen Headboards let’s you do this with great ease. 

Your home should be a place you feel proud of and can settle down for the night knowing your furnishing will help is something Better Bed Company know. The colours you surround your self with during the day and night can set you on the right path to a better life style. 

When choosing your colours you have to think about a other items of furniture as these play a part in the over all look of your property. If your looking for a Beige Headboard then will your original Bedroom Furniture cater to this fabric colour. 

You could also think about plans and what could be the first step into a new more stylish bedroom. Your new headboards could be a way of building your bedrooms Character. 

Swanglen Headboards

Swanglen Headboards fabric Colours 

With a choice of around fifty fabric colours to choose from swanglen have the bank most companies aspire to. If your tastes are different then you wouldn’t find another company with as much selection as swanglen furnishings. Then if you wanted a neutral colour they can supply you with this type of headboard. 

Swanglen Headboards

With swanglen they know how important the needs of consumers can be at times. They want to get the right headboards for the home and understand that sometimes you  might want a particular colour that matches your taste. This brings us to there customers own fabric headboards section. They thought it would be great idea for the customer to supply there own fabric and then make a suitable headboard using that fabric. You should take note that you would have to supply them with a safety certificate and this should comply with The furniture and furnishings (fire safety) Regulations 1988. 

Please see there swatch fabric page here for more information  

Swanglen Furnishings For your Home

Swanglen Headboard

If you want a grand feature in your home and bedrooms then swanglen could be that product that gives you that gesture. They also supply contemporary headboards that could be in matching with your liking. 

They advertise that they manufacture all there headboards in the UK by expert upholsters. This should be something we think about before making any decision on the brands we want in our home. It brings a better society and we know this could effect our home life for generations to come on a whole. 

Better Bed Company want to provide our customers with brands we can trust and are worthy. We know Swanglen Headboards fall under the umbrella of companies we know we can offer and trust at all times. They are part of a group of companies that include Airsprung Beds and Gainsborough Beds. 

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Swanglen Headboards A Company With Stylish Design And Fabrics