Small Single Pocket Spring Mattress And What They Will Bring To Your Home


When looking for a new Mattress there are a great deal of options available and we want to get this purchase right. The small details of any house hold item make your life style healthy. With a pocket spring mattress it will merit at least a conversation when looking around at styles on the market today. You should be asking your self a few questions and we will run through this during our blog on small single pocket spring mattresses. Better Bed Company have gained experience in all types furniture and we know what works well in certain situations. 

Who is the small single pocket spring mattress for ?

If your purchase is for an adult then this would be an appropriate product as the spring system works well and it will go above and beyond the call of duty. The supportive features of pocket springs mattress would be a great addition to the bedroom

If your looking for your children then it could be an option but an open coil spring unit could suffice in this instance. Its about the age group if they are toddlers then it’s probably not the right time to be looking for this particular style of furniture

This brings us on to Teenagers. They would definitely benefit form this type of spring system. There body’s are growing at a rapid pace and there weight will be rising so now is the time to add some support while they sleep. 

Old Aged Female And Male Sat On Bench-Better Bed Company

elderly people could look at the pocket spring system as a comfortable place to sleep would be at the top of the list. Older people will spend more time in there beds and at that time in there life after all the work they have done they deserve some luxury. 

Rooms a small single pocket spring mattress would be suitable. 

The first room to be discussed is the main bedroom. We would want to an extremely comfortable mattress to this type of bedroom as it will be used on a regular basis. The time we will spend on this type of item will give you an indication on weather you need it or not. 

If a small single pocket spring mattress is for a spare room how often will it be used ? If you have friends and family staying over on a regular basis then it would be a good purchase. If your children’s friends use that bedroom then again a reflex foam or open coil could be worth looking at. 

Child's Bed In Bedroom-Better Bed Company

Children’s bedrooms might not be the right place to add this style of mattress it’s about how old they are. If they are going into there teenage years shortly then you could add this knowing it’s going to last the duration of the there life in the home. You could save money thinking in this way in the long run. 

A selection of small single pocket spring mattresses for you choose from

Sensation Pocket Spring Mattress

Sensation Pocket Spring MattressSensation Pocket Spring Mattress


This 1200 pocket spring mattress is available in a range of different sizes and small single is one. You have the support of pocket springs and memory foam both working together to keep your body the perfect posture during your sleep. This combination is quite common and we know from experience it works. The fabric is important on all memory foam mattress as your body heat will react with the material. This model has a soft jersey fabric that works well with memory foam.

Bedmaster Windsor Mattress

Bedmaster Windsor Mattress-Better Bed CompanyBedmaster Windsor Mattress-Better Bed Company

This small single pocket spring mattress has reflex foam to provide another foundation for the memory foam layer. With a cushion top you can count on this mattress to give you comfort in abundance. Its a practical choice as well as you should just rotate according to the instructions provided this should take place more frequent at the start of the life cycle of the mattress as appose to the end. Don’t turn as the memory foam fillings will be on the top side of the mattress only. The side stitching is well known to be an indication of a quality mattress this helps with corrosion and helps you make use of the full width and circumference of the mattress.