Small Single Pocket Spring Beds For Your Bedroom


Your bedroom decore has to be a priority as you spend so much time in the room. The space saving features of small beds could be a real benefit and give you the opportunity to add other items of furniture to your Home. With a pocket spring system you wouldn’t go far wrong as this type of bed is very supportive and would suit any adult or teenager. 

Pocket Springs In Your Beds

Pocket Spring Bed-Better Bed Company

When your looking at pocket springs you should know it’s a system that you can count on. The springs are nested individually and will contour to your body relieving pressure points. The pockets are usually made out of upholstery fabric so there strong and robust. The small details that go into a quality mattress or bed make a real difference and using a system like this is all about details. 

Craftsman will hand nest these small individual springs with care. You can rest assured that a great deal of pride has gone into making your product. 

The coil springs are an important part part of the process as these will give you a certain tension. The thicker the spring the firmer the beds will be, so if you wanted a firmer tension then the springs would be thinner.

Your base could be a place you wanted to add pocket springs as well. This would make the beds a softer tension, this should not be forgotten. The base on pocket spring beds is as important as the mattress as this gives you the foundations and you work from there. 

Small Bedrooms For Pocket Spring Beds 

if you were having trouble with space in a small room this is an ideal time to look a small single size. When planning your bedroom you should make sure you have a contingency as you never know when an item of furniture could come your way. Small single beds could be a way of planning for the future. 

Female On A Laptop Resting On A Small Single Bed-Better Bed Company

With small bedrooms you would want to think about draw options and make sure you get the most use possible. Most small single beds will come with a two draw option and if you are struggling on space for household items then this could be a time to take advantage. Check your bedroom furniture around the room giving you enough space to open the draws. Some time bed side tables could make life difficult when opening the small draws. 

Divan Bed With Draws Open-Better Bed Company

Better Bed Company Small Single Pocket Spring Beds 

We have come up with a collection as we knew we had to cover all basis and add this to our service.

With different base colours for you to choose from and add style to your bedroom. We wanted to give you options on these so we came up with non storage and two draws on the bases as well. 

Tensions are an important part to any bed so we will be added firm, soft and medium tension small single pocket spring bed as well. Remember your weight with this the heavier you are the firmer you would want your beds.

Pocket springs count were a way of us adding choice so we will be adding an area of spring count beds.