Small Single Beds And Mattresses Sizes And Different Styles You Could Choose From


Better Bed Company have come up with a list of materials and spring systems you could choose from when it comes to a Small Single Size Beds or mattresses. With this size you have lots of options available so when making your purchase you won’t have make exceptions. What’s important when looking into small single sizes is that the item is fit for purpose. 

When making other important home purchases you would want what’s best for that particular products and not make exceptions. You want to make your household a place that’s full of important objects and the bedroom is no different. The small bedroom you have should have the right mattress or bed that brings with it advantages.

Small Single Mattress Materials You Could Use 

Small Single Mattress-Better Bed Company

We wanted to start with reflex foam as this material is very popular in this size. The foam is a usually firm and will give you a supportive feel. This type of material is used on its own or combined with another as a foundation. When looking at cost it’s an effective choice. 

You have small single memory foam mattresses these would be a good choice for those looking for a contouring feeling. Pressure points on your body will be relieved during your sleep. Memory foam is a heat sensitive material that will react with your body during the night. 

Wool fillings in small single mattresses are good for comfort and its also temperature sensitive. Wool is soft to the skin and the air with in the fibres  circulate heat this makes for a material that will give you heat when your cold and and cool you down when its hot. This makes for a quality product and one should consider. 

Styles Of Spring Systems You Could Find In Small Single Beds And Mattresses.

Small Single Bed

The open coil small single mattress is probably the most common spring system in the UK at present. This type of system is cost effective and will an average support to your body. This would be good for a spare bedroom or children’s beds. If you have a good solid foundation underneath with a solid bed base then it could work well together. 

With small single beds you could have a Pocket Spring base these would work well with a firm small single mattress. If you have a soft tension then it could effect the use of the full width of the product. 

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