Small Double Mattress | Part 4


Small Double Mattress

When looking around for your next purchase for your home you might want to consider a Small Double Mattress. There are many benefits to this item and during our blogs we are discussing this size of mattress and ways it could make sense for your next home buy. 

We are still in the materials stage pointing out the fillings that could be used and giving you advice along the way ! 

Latex For A Small Double Mattress

This material is very popular amongst consumers and could bring something new to the household. With it’s natural nature Latex is a plant based product that comes form the Hevea Brasiliensis. 

Small Double Mattress With A Latex Material Filling

With Latex your getting a very comfortable contouring material that’s a bit like memory foam but it doesn’t really react with your body heat. The tension can be different depending on the manufacturing process. 

Latex will also stand the test of time while most mattresses will give you a year at it’s best. Latex will carry though for many years feeling like the day you bought the item. 

Another advantage of a Small Double Mattress made of latex is that it’s eco friendly. Trees used to convert Latex convert over 90 million tons of carbon dioxide every year. Pound for pound your doing better for the planet if you purchase this style as appose to some others on the market ! 

Small Double Mattress & Cool Blue Memory Foam

Another material that’s used quite often in 2019 in the production of mattresses. The cool blue foam is very similar to memory foam but has more advantages so the manufacturers / brands say ! 

Small Double Mattress With A Cool Blue Filling

With cool blue foam you get a contouring product like memory foam but it doesn’t completely mold around your body ! This is when the heat builds up during the night in the pockets of air. With cool blue the main selling point is that it’s a cooler material with the same qualities as memory foam. 

Better Bed Company have a large selection of Small Double Mattresses using the cool blue foam. 

Small Double Mattress – Cool Blue Collection 

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