Sleepshaper Mattresses | Part 4


Sleepshaper mattress are a company that have built trust through the years and that’s what the Better Bed Company do as well. Its all about how they deal with customers and striving to get the best possible Sleepshaper mattresses out to the public at the right price. 

We touch on the companies selling points today ! 

Sleepshaper Mattress Delivery Service 

We thought we would talk about the Sleepshaper Mattresses team and give you some in sight in the way they work. One of there biggest selling points is there fast delivery. They have a selected mattress range that come on a Next Day delivery and also the others are very fast any way. Most of the Sleepshaper mattresses come rolled up so it’s an easy option for customers to move around first. The delivery team make sure they add it to the room of choice for all customers as well. 

British Manufacturing And why Sleepshaper Won’t Budge !

They keep control of everything they do, so it starts the same as it finishes. With sourcing materials the most important thing is the quality. They know that British is best and this should give the customer confidence at the same time. 

Sleepshaper Warehouse Stack Of mattresses-Better Bed CompanySleepshaper Delivery Van With Mattresses At The Warehouse-Better Bed Compay

The work force is the same and the revenues they create all stay here in the UK. That’s important thing to look at when purchasing products. We should all want to buy from Britain as this gives us a better society. 

Sleepshaper Office At Factory With Workers-Better Bed CompanySleepshaper Mattresses Worker Making The Mattresses-Better Bed Company

Sleepshaper Mattresses 

Sleepshaper Elite 500 Mattress

Sleepshaper Elite 500 Mattress-Better Bed CompanySleepshaper Elite 500 Mattress Zip Cover Close Up-Better Bed Company

The 500 mattress is one of there best sellers and with the materials used you can tell why. The high density memory foam and reflex foam is probably the most used combination when looking at memory foam mattresses. With 5cm of memory foam used it gives this model a good sleeping surface for anyone looking for a supportive mattress. With removable washable cover it’s features would work well in any household.

Sleepshaper Natural Pocket 1000 Mattress


The Sleepshaper natural 1000Sleepshaper Natural Pocket 1000 Mattress-Better Bed Company Sleepshaper Natural Pocket 1000 Mattress Material Diagram-Better Bed Companymattresses is one of there luxury models. With a 1000 pocket spring mattress you will get a great deal of support. The individually nested pocket springs will contour to your body keeping you in the right position for a healthy sleep. 

The fillings in the 1000 Sleepshaper mattress are luxurious and natural. With a layer of wool that has good thermal conduction properties so in the winter months you will be glad you went with this mattress. Then in the summer it will keep you cool that’s the way wool works. 

With a foam boarder giving your mattress extra protection helps you make use of the full sleeping surface. 

The quilted cover will feel soft to the touch and finishes this mattress with care. 

We covered a few key areas of sleepshaper mattress today and gave you a great in site into the products and the team behind the company. 

We will look again next week on the Sleepshaper Mattresses Part 5. 

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