Sleepshaper Mattresses | Part 3


Sleepshaper mattress company are at the top of the game when it comes to making the best products. They use the best materials with a high density memory foam as standard on all Sleepshaper Mattresses. Better Bed Company have the whole range online as we are specialists in mattresses and we know Sleepshaper are the perfect brand for our customers. 

Sleepshaper Mattress Selling Points

One of the reasons we deal with them is there range of sizes they go from small single to super king size that’s going to cater to large amount of people. 

Another reason is there next day mattress range. This means that are customers get an unrivaled service as well as super fast. 

Sleepshaper mattresses cater to range of different needs. We have split there page up into categories to help you out. The Perfect For section gives you specific mattresses that would suit different circumstances. So if you are looking for spare room mattress you have choices or if your a landlord and need a mattress for your property then we have selected a range just for you the perfect for Land Lord Mattresses 

They cover all basis on the tension front as well. So the three main tensions are supplied in there range soft medium and firm

We mentioned before about the high density memory foam they also do a range of latex mattresses. The latex is is sourced in the UK so you can guarantee they keep complete control on the quality as with all the materials used to make the sleepshaper mattress. 

They also use the pocket spring it’s the best system on the market today. The springs are individually nested into pockets and work in conjunction with one another giving you a better healthier nights sleep. 

Sleepshaper Mattresses

Sleepshaper Elite 250 Mattress

Sleepshaper Elite 250 Mattress-Better Bed Company Sleepshaper Elite 250 Mattress Close View Corner-Better Bed Company

The Elite 250 is the perfect edition to any bedroom. The materials used in this mattress are a simple combination of memory foam and reflex foam. This is a sleepshaper signature mattress. The depth of the mattress is 20cm so its got a reasonable amount of filling inside.

Sleepshaper Luxury Memory Pocket 1500 Mattress

Sleepshaper Luxury Memory Pocket 1500 Mattress-Better Bed CompanySleepshaper Luxury Memory Pocket 1500 Mattress Gif-Better Bed Company

The sleepshaper luxury memory pocket 1500 mattresses has all the attributes you would want in a luxury item. The spring count is good for anyone looking for a supportive mattress. The more pocket springs you have inside a mattress the more support you will get. 

With 5cm of high density memory foam added for comfort. The high density memory foam is heat sensitive so it will react with your body during the night. Along with the pocket springs its quality surface for a deep sleep. 

The cover is Merino wool which we covered in the last blog. Its a soft material that will add a comfort to your body during the night. It’s also removable and can be washed for hygiene purposes. We would also recommend a mattress protector as well. 

A foam surround is put in place so you can make the most of your purchase. This helps you use the full width and also helps against corrosion of the sides. They have also added a foam layer below the pocket springs to give them strength over time and to protect your base. 


Today we have covered a few key areas in the sleepshaper mattresses collection. We will talk about them again next week. Why not check our last blog out Part 2 an in depth look at selected mattresses from the sleepshaper mattresses range