Sleepshaper Mattresses And There Brand Part One


We start with the Sleepshaper Mattress history and story its a family thing. It’s all about the tradition and Sleepshaper Mattresses have there own unique way of doing things. The family history tells you the values of the company and what there mattresses are all about. 

Sleepshaper Mattresses Brand Values

Sleepshaper have a core range of products that date back to 1986 when the family company was first started by Chris Nash.

Chris Nash Sleepshaper Director-Better Bed Company

– Chris the Director

He came up with the idea of starting a company that manufactured foam, memory foam and latex mattresses. 

Mike Nash Director Of Sleepshaper-Better Bed Company

– Mike The director 

Mike Nash the son in the family has since capitalised on his fathers work and developed the company into one of the leading mattress manufactures in the UK. 

Sleepshaper Mattress-Better Bed Company

The foam company have come out with 3 different brands that you can count on. These include 


Hello Sleep 


Mike wanted to tap into the pocket spring mattresses sector so he came out with ranges to accommodate buyers looking for this style of product. 

The foam company have always looked to source the materials from the uk and these 3 brands are no different. 

They also look to recycle there waste they find that carpet underlay is a great way of using the waste that is used in production. 


”Today, all staff members are important members of the business family – we’re all very down to earth, normal people. There are no superior attitudes here” – Sleepshaper Mattresses

Which Best Buy Mattresses Award 

Sleepshaper have won this ward on a number of occasions and that tells you everything you need to know about this brand. Back in 2006 and then in 2008. This is quite an achievement to say the least. 

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Sleepshaper Mattresses key Materials 

Sleepshaper mattresses only use the best materials and high density memory foam is there main product. The weight is very important and with 60kg being there lowest weighing memory foam you can be confidant your purchasing a high quality mattress. 

HD Memory Foam Symbol-Better Bed Company

There Outlast temperature controlled cover is proven to reduce fluctuations of heat and also lower humidity. They guarantee this with all there products unlike other cheap imitations on the market today.  

 Outlast Symbol-Better Bed Company

Sleepshaper Gold Featuring Vystex Foam

We look at Vystex foam that is exclusive to sleepshaper.

Experiments have shown that when Vystex foam is placed in a fridge it remains soft unlike other memory foam. This means that it will give a softer feeling unlike memory foam with out heat thus the mattress will be comfortable from the moment you use it. 

Vystex also offers significantly higher pressure relief due to it’s 72 kilo density which leads to a more comfort for the sleeper. 


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