Single Beds And Mattresses What’s Important ?


When coming to spend your money on single mattresses and single beds you should ask your self a few questions. What bedroom is it for ? Who is it for ? Do i need to use it on a regular basis ? Would i be better with a different size ? these are just a few. We look at these in our blog today and advise you. 

What bedroom is it for ?

If the bedroom is a spare room then your budget doesn’t have to massive. The spare room mattress and bed can be achieved at low cost. You could go for a single divan bed and add a headboard. This would add style and also add comfort if you wanted to sit up at night. With out headboard your walls could could get stained. Your single mattress would be the place you would want to spend your money. An open coil spring 3ft mattress would be appropriate for a spare room.

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Is your single mattress or single bed for your main bedroom ? well you could get a pocket spring mattress with a filling you like the feel of. With memory foam or latex these to materials would give you comfort. You should also consider wool and cotton mattresses. Your foundation is important too with any single bed for the main bedroom. You could purchase a fabric bed or divan base to go with the mattress. You could look at the other decore in the bedroom and fit in with the style. 

Who is it for ?

If the beds and mattresses are for adults then you would want a solid spring system. The pocket spring with a high count would be best as this would give you more support. 

Teenagers-Better Bed Company

If it’s for a teenager then an open coil could be an option. You have to take into account the weight of the person who is sleeping on the bed and mattress. If they are heavy then you would want a firmer mattress with a good quality base. The foundations of any bed are paramount for comfort levels. 

Children-Better Bed Company

If the single beds or mattresses are for children then you could look at a foam mattress. these can come with zip off covers so you can wash them. A small amount of memory foam with a layer of reflex foam underneath would be ideal for a child. This would give them enough support and a comfortable nights sleep. Your single bed base could be a frame or a colourful divan bed. 

Do i need to use it on a regular basis ?

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If the bed is used on a regular basis then i would say spend some more money. The more you spend the longer the single bed and mattress will last. If it’s just for guest’s then you could look at a guest bed and you would get twice the amount of use out of the bed. You would also save on space if you needed two. If your bed was used daily then it’s best to get a mattress protector as this will help if there are any spillages and also add life to the mattress at hand. 

Would i be better with a different size ?

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You would have to take into account your other bedroom furniture and weather you would want to add this in time. You could always go up to a small double rather than a double bed if you wanted to add more size to the bed or mattress. Is there enough room for bed side tables ? can i open the doors to my wardrobe ? can i use my dressing table ? these are some of the questions you need to ask your self before the purchase. 

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We have a large selection of single beds and mattresses for you to look at. We want to advise you as much as possible and make sure you have thought through different possibilities before you make your decision. If you think you might be better off with a small double then we cater to this as well. We deal with the best brands and have are own manufactured range too.