Looking at maintenance


You have found your ideal bed or mattress and you want to keep in pristine condition. If you want to maintain something you have to take care you would want your maintenance of the product to be set at a certain standard. 

If your looking at maintenance being easy then you could be wrong. 

Our guide to maintenance in bedroom furniture 

Bedroom Furniture Set

Keep your bedroom clean

You would think that this is simple but it’s about little details that you could improve your maintenance. This is all part of a bigger picture and your life style will be affected.

Your dyson hoover should be good place to start with good carpet cleaning you could add years to your furniture. The amount of times you should use this should be varied to at least once a week. 

Your choirs should be worked around your lifestyle and not the other way around a spare few minutes should be taken for maintenance. 

Mattress protectors 

Mattress Protector-Better Bed Company

our guide has to include protection as this is key to maintaining your preferred product. 

A mattress protector can help with bugs coming in contact with your body you don’t want this.

The spill of liquides is an occurrence that happens sometimes and we have protection to defend the mattress with a protector. 

Pillow protectors come under the same umbrella. Your facial skin is very important and this can be helped with quality pillow protector. The better defence the better  the life style 


Clean Water For Upholstery 

Water-Better Bed Company

You should use clean water first for any marks and dab around the stained area very lightly. 

Just clean with clean water first as this could do the job in your maintenance. 

If you have cleaning products then try these at the last resort there are a few out there on the market today. 


Talking of maintenance we have a blog that we did in June 2019 you may want to look at mattress protectors. This type of purchase could help like we have stated above. Check out the Mattress Protectors Reason Behind The Purchase today !