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It’s an important decision to make when looking for a piece of furniture the style may match or contrast with the rest in your home. With all types of fabric beds out there on the market there are choices available.

The decor in the rest of the bedroom may influence you on what colour fabric you may want to choose. If you are looking for a beige fabric bed then you would want to decide on the headboard first. Would you want a button effect ? these could be difficult to keep clean. If you went for a modern flat headboard this might be easier, you could still have some style as there are different patterns available. 

If you were looking for a new look and storage a fabric ottoman bed would be ideal this could kill two birds with one stone. There are fabric beds on legs this would meet your needs if you were looking for a little extra room for storage. Then there draw options to think about if you went for a divan set. I would recommend  getting at least two draws as it’s just a waste of space if you have a hollow base this would be a void in the bedroom. 

What you should also think about is does it match your bedside cabinets. If you went with certain manufacturers then they could supply you with these and remember you would want to get them at the same time as with a piece of fabric you never get the exact same dye twice. Also you would want them to be  weathered the same as sunlight and wear would change the fabric exactly the same. 

If you just wanted to check if the fabric suits your bedroom why not get some swatches and place them in the bedroom for a few weeks a bit like when you paint your walls. If you live with a shade it could sway your decision. 

We have you covered at Better Bed Company with a large selection of fabric bed frames, ottoman storage beds and divan beds from manufacturers such as Julian Bowen, Time Living, Hestia and lot’s more. 

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Niece Fabric Bed