What are the choices when it comes to purchasing Headboards. It’s all about your personal preference when it comes to this. With different materials available including wooden, metal and fabric we want one that suits us. 

The features of a wooden headboard are that they look very homely and warm. If we have have oak furniture then an oak headboard might be the best choice. Another advantage to wood is that it’s easy to clean and will stay that way as long as it’s treated. The disadvantage is that it won’t be the most comfortable to lean on when reading a book. This problem can be solved using a few pillows so it’s not the end of the world.

With a metal headboard the style it would bring could add to your decor. With an array of different colours to choose from this is a option. With most metal headboards they will last and look great for a number of years. 

Then we have fabric headboards they are probably the most common. If they have a nice padded filling inside it’s the perfect asset to any bedroom. The styles they come in can bring a fashion to your room. 

All Children’s headboards can bring joy to there lives. If you buy the right one you could put a smile on there faces. They will probably want to have an input in which one they have. 

Make sure that you use the headboards bolt’s provided they will come with the headboard. there are usually two holes at the head of the base to attach using the brackets provided. All headboards should be fire retardant so look out for the label attached. 

At Better Bed Company we deal with the best brands and Swanglen Headboards, Julian Bowen and Airsprung Beds are just a few to choose from. So go ahead and bring your bedroom to life 

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Swanglen Venice Floor standing Headboard

Swanglen Venice Floor standing Headboard