Guest Beds For Friends


When it comes to friends who visit our homes we should think of them as our selves. We want to welcome them with open arms and the bed in which we offer for a night cap should do the talking. With guest bed’s there comes different styles we can choose.

The features of any guest bed are the frame it’s self and the mattresses. We could do with taking care in both decision as both are as important as each other. They could be the deal breaker in your social perception.

With all guest beds the the material can differ. Maybe a wooden bed would be most suited to your decor or you might have a style that suits fabric in your bedroom. The headboard could say a lot about your personality if you wish to use your imagination. I wouldn’t recommend a metal headboard on any guest bed as this could bring noise to the room.

Jay-Be Value Folding Bed With Memory Foam Mattress-Better Bed Company Jay-Be Value Folding Bed With Memory Foam Mattress With Female Lay Down On The Guest Bed-Better Bed Company

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Jay-Be Value Folding Bed With Memory Foam Mattress


There are different types of mattresses you could choose to add some comfort for your guest’s. The most popular on guest beds is the open coil mattress. You may even want to add some luxury with a couple of pocket spring mattresses. Maybe you should use a mattress protector to keep it hygienic this would also show you care. The right pillows and duvets should help them feel at home.

The castors on any guest bed are very important as you would not want your company for the night damaging them selves as they try and make use of the supplied trundle underneath.

Here at Better Bed Company we have a range of guest beds that will keep your friends coming back for more. We deal with companies such as Julian Bowen and Airsprung Bed’s these are market leaders in this field.

Remember that if you get the right Bed’s for your guest’s they will love you for it.