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We are looking at children’s mattresses in our series of children’s Bedroom furniture. Its important that you choose the right mattress for your child as this will effect there every day life. The size is important too with a single mattress being popular but a small single mattress could be suitable too. The spring system is crucial in any mattress. With open coil mattresses being common but foam mattresses could be suitable. 

Children’s Mattresses

Bedmaster Prince Mattress

Bedmaster Prince Mattress-Better Bed Company

it’s a suitable mattress for children with an open coil spring system and reflex foam combination. Bedmaster beds are well established manufactures with decades of experience in making high quality beds and mattresses. This is one to take into consideration when purchasing.

Sleepshaper Perfect Plus Mattress

Sleepshaper Perfect Plus Mattress-Better Bed Company

again one to consider is the perfect plus by Sleepshaper mattresses. The combination of memory foam and reflex foam is perfect. The guarantee 1 Year and a warranty of 10 years is a selling point too. 

Julian Bowen Premier Mattress

Julian Bowen Premier Mattress-Better Bed Company


With a 13.5 gauge bonnell spring unit this will add support to your child during the night. Polyester fillings will make it a comfortable mattress that will last the duration of time taking them into there teenage years.

Airsprung Beds Quattro MattressAirsprung Beds Quattro Mattress-Better Bed Company

Airsprung Beds are a well respected company in the bed industry and there mattresses really stand out. The Supercoil® spring unit and soft white fillings are fit for any children’s mattress requirements. The cover is padded and a damask fabric is used to add the perfect feeling for a comfortable sleep. 

This is the second in the series so why not check the first one out were we discussed Divan beds and Bunk beds suitable for children

Next up will be bedroom furniture starting with bed side tables suitable for children. We want to give you some choices before you make your final decision  


Childrens Bed

You may be interested in our Children’s Beds we have a large selection check them out today ! 

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