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With lot’s of options out there today for children you have lot’s of choices to ponder on. Cabin Beds are a good place to start as these are a means of adding an education as well as fun theme to your child’s bedroom. Better Bed Company have a large selection to look at before making any purchase you should ask your self a few questions and we have come up with some advice to help you pick the right cabin bed for you. 

Getting the right beds to help your child get the right education. 

Julian Bowen Pegasus High Sleeper bed-Better Bed Company

With all children’s beds there are three main features you should be looking for that’s comfort, durability and safety. With cabin beds there is a forth how about a bed that would help your child with there education ? 

In our society we should be looking at ways to make life better for the next generation. We know from experience that getting the right education can make a great deal of difference to our lives and we should do all we can to let our children flourish. This is were a good quality cabin bed could make the real difference. 

The bedroom is probably the most important place in a child’s life so we should look at ways to add to this remember what they see is what they do ! If we add books to the bedroom then they should read. If we add desks to the bedroom then they should work. With a cabin bed you can do both. 

Cabin beds are also good for games as this is as important as any thing. With games, books and maybe some refreshments added to the desks and shelves you would be on the right track to healthy a young adult. 

Boys And Girls Cabin Beds 

Julian Bowen Cameo Sleep Station Right Hand Ladder Bed-Better Bed Company

most of our cabin beds come in two styles so this could add another benefit to you when your choosing the right one for you. If you have a bot then a blue cabin bed could be the way. For a girl pink could be the way forward. But you could also look at bedding to make the statement. This would make the bed his or hers. 

Cabin Beds Ladders 

Julian Bowen Leo Sleeper Bed-Better Bed company

The ladders on a cabin bed are an important feature so you should take care in getting the right style. You have choices on some of the beds we have to make life easy we have come up with ladder arrangements. You can either have the ladder on the right or left on certain models. This would be good if you had furniture in mind and you needed the ladder in a specific place in the bedroom. 

Cabin Beds Safety 

Better Bed Company only deal with the best brands so you can rest safe as they all come with a British Standards Safety Certificate. (British Safety Standard number BS EN 747:1993). see the Childrens Bunk Beds Blog for more information on this matter. 

We take a look at a couple of options you may like.

Amber Cabin Bed

Amber Cabin Bed-Better Bed Company

This stylish educational cabin bed is a child’s dream bed. It’s well built with solid steps up to the top bunk. The guard rail is ideal for safety reasons not too high or not too low just right. The desk is a great feature that will roll out when needed on castors to make your child’s life easier so adds health benefits as well. With a shelf built to hold all the books and toy’s anyone would want. There’s also a a little draw for them to add there apparel with adequate space for socks and shoes. The Amber cabin bed is a cabin you should keep in mind before you make any purchase. 

Julian Bowen Kimbo Cabin Bed 

Julian Bowen Kimbo Cabin Bed-Better Bed Company Julian Bowen Kimbo Cabin Bed-Better Bed Company

Better Bed Company only deal with the best brands and you can count on Julian Bowen at all times. The kimbo would be the perfect edition any child’s bedroom. Available in either blue or pink this is ideal for both genders. The space saving is there for all to see on this model with plenty of draw space for all types of house hold items as well as toys for the little ones. The sliding desk is a perfect study area with another place with draws and shelving. It’s also very safe with a good quality wooden guard rail present to keep them safe and give you piece of mind. 

In this edition of the full children’s bedroom furniture we have covered a large range of areas and tried to be as help full as possible in aiding you to make the right choices when it comes to the most important people in the world. 

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Next week we will be looking at some more furniture including wardrobes suitable for children and desks for the educational purposes.