Fabric Beds And The Correct Foot Board That Could Make A Difference


Better Bed Company have extensive experience in the Fabric Beds sector. We know how much the best Fabric Beds can make a real difference to a bedroom. With a large selection and styles on Better Bed Company we thought we should discuss these types of beds in detail. When your in the market for a new item of furniture it’s important to think about the big and small details. We came to the conclusion that the foot board on fabric beds was a big detail and have come up with some things you should think about before making any purchase. 

The home is a place you should add colour and a fabric is a way of doing this with ease. With so much selection in fabrics you could look at textures, colours and structures to name a few. Your colour scheme for one could be matching or if your looking to go different then a mixture of shades could be the answer. 

But back to the Foot Boards on Fabric Beds 

Colours Of Fabric Beds Foot Boards

The first thing you should probably look at is your existing bedroom. After all it has your personality most of the time you buy furniture that matches your taste. If your colours are neutral then maybe your scheme would suit Beige Fabric Beds. This type of colour would suit if you changed the rest of the decore or at least this is probably the most neutral colour besides white. The foot board would in most cases match the rest of the fabric bed. 

Styles Of Fabric Beds Foot Boards

Do you want your style to match the headboard when looking at foot boards ? some people like a change maybe a shorter foot board as appose to the headboard would be the ideal solution. This would allow you to watch your television with out your vision being interrupted. 

Ollie Fabric Bed-Better Bed Company

You may want a short foot board when it comes to your fabric beds. This style is very common it’s basically like a fabric divan bed. This gives an unpowering effect and leaves everything to the headboard. Your headboard would be the center piece to the bedroom if you went down this root !

Could you add a button effect foot board to the bedroom ? would the room allow it ? if so this could be an option. Your fabric beds should allow you to use your character and personality. Has any other item that features in your bedroom got that button effect or something similar ? if so this could be the answer. 

Luccay Beige Fabric Bed-Better Bed Company

Roll Top Fabric Beds are a very modern style in 2019. You could have a roll top foot bard but i would have thought it should match the headboard on this occasion. This style could take over and you don’t really want the foot board to do this as that’s the headboards job. 

Foot Board Construction On Fabric Beds

Most of the time fabric beds are made of a wooden material as this is the most suitable. The craftsman would cover the foot board, headboard and foot boards in a fabric during the manufacturing process.

You would also find that there is a section that would take the side rails on each side this would usually be screw holes already put in place by the craftsman. They some times leave the screws inside so you can just loosen them and attach the side rails or sometime they will be in a bag of parts. Then if you had a center rail on most there would be a bracket that would let you attach it to the foot board. 

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