Children’s Bunk Beds And What To Look For In A Quality Bunk


With so much choice out there today when looking for children’s Bunk Beds we want to look for a quality product. The style we want may not always be the best buy so how do we determine what’s good quality and bad ? You want to look at guarantees, materials, brands and reviews. Better Bed Company have come up with ranges of bunk beds for you to choose from with ranges for boys and girls

Materials Used In Bunk Beds 

Wooden Bunk Beds

Wooden Bunk Bed-Better Bed Company

With wooden bunk beds its a material that’s been around for decades and we know we can rely on this as a solid and sturdy product. We want to look for pine bunk beds and solid oak bunks as these will last the test of time.

Oak bunk beds will be durable and will look attractive and add style to the bedroom. Oak is really good for your pocket as well if you work your costs out its a no brainer. 

Pine may not last as long as oak but it depends on what your looking for. If you already have pine furniture then a pine bunk bed would be a good buy. You should look at pine if your on a budget because over time it will bring benefits. 

Chipboard is a material that’s cheap so for a budget bunk bed this could be an option. If your looking to replace your children’s furniture in a couple of years then this could be an option. Remember its not as eco friendly as solid wood though. 

Fabric Beds For A stylish Look 

When we look for style in our children’s bedroom then we want to look at colours. The grey colour bank is a modern contemporary stylish and in day. If you wanted to look at safety aspects then fabric bunk beds allow for padding. Any slips or falls against the sides would prevent injury to your child. 

Fabric also allows for button effects and straight lines. This should not be over looked as if you have straight lines in other items of furniture then this style could blend right in with the rest. 

Faze Bunk Bed-Better Bed Company

The stitching on the fabric could add another dimension as well. For a quality product it’s another sign that the craftsmanship and detail has been taken into account and not been forgotten. 

Metal Bunk Beds And There Place In The Home.

The Apollo Bunk Bed-Better Bed Company

Metal bunk beds will always have a purpose as they are cost effective. If your on a budget then you know you can count on this style. Metal will also last a long time so its a cost effective purchase. 

You can also recycle metal so it’s good for environmental issues. We should always look at this be a factor in any purchase we make. 

Bunk Beds You May Like 

Adelyne White Bunk Bed

Adelyne White Bunk Bed-Better Bed Company

This metal bunk bed will bring bring style to your children’s bedroom. It’s well built and solid with a classic design. You can feel safe with this in your home with the guard rails being the perfect size for the safety aspect. The ladders are strong and will last the test of time. If you have white bedroom furniture then this could be a great edition to your kids bedroom.

Sampson Bunk Bed

 Sampson Bunk Bed-Better Bed CompanySampson Bunk Bed Draw Close Up-Better Bed Company

The Sampson Bunk will bring fun to any children’s bedroom. With the design being in the style of a sailor bed you can guarantee and trust your kids will love it. The space saving features are taken to anther level with the draw option. Better Bed Company give you the option to purchase or not with this bunk bed. The ladders are sturdy and guard rails present. This should be one you consider before making any purchase.